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The Australian National University
Facilities and Services Division
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Contacting Senior Management

Facilities and Services Senior Management Group consists of:


Mick Serena

The Australian National University (ANU) is Australia’s leading university and is unambiguous about its objective to remain Australia’s leading university. In the course of this endeavour, the University produces research of an excellent standard and is also a leader in teaching and learning. These activities underpin the ANU’s position of excellence.
The Facilities and Services Division (F&S) assists the ANU in this endeavour by producing, providing, operating and maintaining campus infrastructure and associated facilities to enable excellence in research, teaching and learning. It is appropriate therefore that the mandate for F&S is to “Enable academic excellence at the ANU through integrated and innovative facilities and project delivery”.

The F&S mandate speaks of enabling the University’s objective of excellence and leadership within the academic community of which it is part. It follows therefore that all activities of F&S should contribute directly to the ANU’s objective. It also speaks to attaining excellence in our own endeavours within F&S and ensuring that everything we do as a Division contributes to the capability of ANU to achieve its objectives. We as a Division should aspire to be as excellent in our enterprise as our academic colleagues are in theirs.
The F&S Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015 therefore is an important document, prepared through a process of consultation that guides and assists F&S to achieve its component objectives which in turn directly contribute to the strategic objectives of the ANU.  

The Director is Mick Serena. He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the comprehensive delivery and management of campus facilities.  

Mr Mick Serena
Facilities & Services
Phone: (02) 6125 2519

Ms Marianne Behnke
Executive Assistant to Director
Phone: (02) 6125 2248

Divisional Management Organisational Chart

Associate Director (Project Delivery)

Matthew Smith

The Associate Director (Project Delivery) is responsible for delivering the capital works programs. The University is currently going through a period of major investment in new capital infrastructure. The goal of the Division is the delivery of high quality and enduring assets which meet University and user requirements and represent the best elements of design and function available within the allocated budgets in pursuit of ANU Strategic objectives. This portfolio continues to have critical involvement in the planning process and the broader strategic management of our assets.  

The Associate Director Capital Works and Planning is responsible to the Director, F&S for the senior management of: 

  • Capital works program, including planning, construction, tender management and contract management. 
  • Chairing of relevant project committees including Project Steering Groups as required. 
  • Participation in relevant campus committees such as CP&DC 
  • Asset management planning, including strategic maintenance planning.
  • Space management planning 
  • Campus master planning activities. 
  • Development of funding applications including preparation of proposals for the Education Investment Fund (EIF). 
  • Professional support services, including electrical and mechanical engineering and drafting. 
  • Liaison with relevant external authorities in respect of campus development proposals and campus leasing issues, including liaison with the National Capital Authority (NCA) and the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA).

The Associate Director Capital Works and Planning is Matthew Smith.


Mr Matthew Smith
Associate Director (Project Delivery)
Facilities & Services
Phone: (02) 6125 5442

Project Delivery Organisational Chart

Associate Director (Facilities Planning)

Wayne Ford

Formal planning and design of the University campus enables academic excellence and supports the University community. The Associate Director (Facilities Planning) is responsible the overarching planning process and engaging with the university community to develop a framework to deliver A campus that addresses the emerging needs of the ANU community. The Facilities Planning portfolio plays a critical part of the asset management life cycle as campus facilities and infrastructure are key capability enablers in the delivery of academic/research outcomes and campus facilities services. The strategic asset management plan is the planning framework for measuring and recording the condition and performance of existing assets as well as identifying future space utilisation and funding strategies the will support the intended future use. The asset management plan underpins all other planning process such as the ANU Campus Plan, Capitol Development Plan, Space Strategy, and University Environmental Management Plan.  

The Associate Director, Facilities Planning  is Wayne Ford.  

Mr Wayne Ford
Associate Director (Facilities Planning)
Facilities & Services
Phone: (02) 6125 7515

Facilites Planning Organisational Chart


General Manager (Corporate Services)

Karen Hill

The General Manager (Corporate Services) is responsible for ensuring the administrative functions, policies and procedures across the Division support the achievement of Division and University strategic goals. Corporate Services encompasses functional areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Business Solutions and Information Technology, Marketing and Communications and an Administrative Services group. The portfolio has one core goal – the delivery of administrative and business support services that enables the division to deliver excellent service to the campus community and in 2011 is focusing on the “learning organisation” concepts and supporting the development of skills /capabilities of F&S Staff. The General Manager (Corporate Services) is also be responsible for leading, supporting and implementing key change management programs on behalf of the Division and provide input into the overarching planning process..

The General Manager (Corporate Services) is Karen Hill.  

Mrs Karen Hill
General Manager (Coporate Services)
Facilities & Services
Phone: (02) 6125 6479

Corporate Services Organisational Chart

General Manager (Campus Services)

Joe Bouchahine

The General Manager (Campus Services) is responsible for excellent operational performance of campus services. The portfolio has principal responsibility in maintenance delivery, security, gardens & grounds and cleaning and manages in partnership with other areas the operational performance of the campus remote sites (NARU, SSO, KIOLA, MSO). A key focus for 2011 is to develop effective working relationships with the Service Division and Colleges that leads to enhanced interactions between Facilities and Services and our client base enabling delivery of operations programs that ensure excellence in day to day facilities services to the campus community and provide input into the overarching planning process.

The General Manager (Campus Services) is Joe Bouchahine.

Mr Joe Bouchahine
General Manager (Campus Services)
Phone: (02) 6125 4931

Campus Services Organisational Chart