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Permission To Use University Facilities And Services - Functions on Campus


This policy outlines the approval procedure for staging events on University grounds and using University facilities.

It applies to all public amenities on the Acton campus of the University. The policy targets larger as well as formal functions organised by University staff or student groups. The intention of the policy is not to apply unreasonable conditions on appropriate activities of the University community (or external organisations), but rather to assess the planned safety of the function in that community (including those involved in any function) and that the function does not interfere with other University operations.

This policy applies to the following types of events or activities

  • Use of University rooms and facilities within buildings
  • Use of facilities other than buildings, including grounds of the University
  • Use of poster facilities
  • Application of the Liquor Statute to relevant functions.

If you are familiar with the policy, go direct to the Application Form. For your convenience the form is provided in two formats:

  1. Word - enter details directly, print ready for signature.
  2. PDF - print and complete by hand.


The policy applies to University facilities including rooms within buildings and the placement of posters and other promotional material on campus. It also applies to any external area of the campus grounds, such as ovals or the banks of Sullivans Creek, Union Court, barbecue areas and the Forestry Fire Pit.

Parking facilities cannot be used for staging of any functions, as these areas are operated on a 24hr/7day basis.


Under normal circumstances, staff or students wishing to hold a function within a University building, would only require the approval of the relevant authority. Requests to use University facilities, including teaching facilities, should be made directly to:

  1. Rooms/tea rooms in building - Director/Dean (or nominee) of the area.
  2. Teaching areas (including theatres, Copland Courtyard, etc) - Manager Space Services Program (DOI), Copland G037.
  3. Teaching areas (including theatres) in Research Schools or Centres - Director/Dean (or nominee) of the area.
  4. Conference rooms (other than Chancelry) - relevant Business Officer of the area.
  5. Conference rooms in Chancelry (including the R C Mills Room) - Chancelry reception on x54999.
  6. Sporting facilities on campus - ANU Sport and Recreation Association reception on x52273

Where the function includes 20 or more people and is likely to impact on other members of the University community or involve University resources, such as ANU Security Officers, maintenance or grounds staff, use of permanent BBQs, etc., an application for a function on campus is to be completed and these details (as well as a Risk Management Plan should the function require one) be forwarded to the Director, Facilities and Services.

The application is to be signed by the delegated Approving Officer in the supporting or sponsoring department.

NOTE: Requests to hold functions in University facilities must be supported / sponsored by a University department or an affiliated group.

In making a decision, the Approving Officer must assess whether the activity is likely to contravene any legislation, pose a safety threat to individuals or University property or cause offence to any group. The officer also has the authority to refuse approval for activities, such as the playing of loud music that may impact on other University areas.


The organisers are responsible for maintaining good order during the function. The applicant/group will also be responsible for ensuring participants behave in an appropriate manner and that the activity does not inconvenience individuals or other areas of the University.

The organisers are responsible for set up and subsequent clean-up of the area used for the function, ensuring that the area is cleared of litter and other waste after the function has ended. The organisers will ensure that waste and recycling bins are in place for the function and that they are serviced after the function has ended. Provided sufficient notice is given, Facilities and Services is able to arrange waste and recycling services, including bins and pick up at an agreed charge.

Where possible organisers should consider ‘greening’ an event by providing as few throwaway items as possible and so reducing waste.

Damage to facilities or grounds

The applicant/group accepts financial responsibility for any damage that may be caused as a direct result of the function, including damage to the landscape. Where damage is caused, the University reserves the right to claim the costs of repairs or replacement from the organisers. In some cases, the organisers may be required to supply a monetary bond before the function is held. The amount of the bond will be determined by the Director, and will not normally exceed $1000.  


Where music is planned as part of the activity, the organisers will ensure that the volume is moderated to avoid disturbing University operations and the music content is unlikely to cause offence. In general, the organisers will ensure that music is not played after 11pm or before 8am. Additionally, unless specific approval has been requested and obtained to do otherwise, during business hours, music will only be played between 12 noon-2pm in the Union Court area. If the music is allowed to go over the 2pm deadline, future approval of events involving music and submitted by the particular organiser/group may be refused.

Tent Erection

Where tents are to be erected as part of the function, the organisers will request a separate approval under the Permission to Excavate Policy. This policy has been established to ensure the safety of individuals as well as, protecting University property. There are number of underground services, such as electrical cables and irrigation services, close to the surface which could be damaged while pegging tents and compliance with policy will ensure that organisers are advised of any potential services in the area of the planned function. Requests to erect a tent should be directed to the Manager, University Maintenance.

Power requirements

If electricity is required for the function, the organisers should ensure that this requirement is advised in the function application form. The organisers should be aware that supply of electricity may not be available at all sites on campus. Where organisers elect to use an alternative supply source, such as a generator, this must be noted on the application. The University reserves the right to conduct safety checks of any electrical equipment to be used as part of the function and prohibit the use of that equipment where it presents a threat to individuals or University property.  

Traffic management

The organisers will ensure that staff and/or students attending the function ,park motor vehicles in accordance with University parking regulations. In particular, they will ensure that vehicles are only parked in designated parking areas and that delivery vehicles do not traverse or park on the landscape.  


With the exception of the Forestry Fire Pit, organisers are to ensure that no open fires are lit on campus grounds. In the case of the Forestry Fire Pit, the organisers are responsible for the ensuring the fire is properly extinguished at the end of the function and that, in lighting the fire, they are not contravening any ACT imposed fire bans.  

Provision of Liquor

All persons wanting to supply liquor in the ACT must hold a licence or permit under the Liquor Act 2010. Where liquor is to be served as part of the activity, the organiser is to ensure that they have complied with the relevant ACT licensing requirements as applicable and in accordance with the ANU Liquor Statute 2007. They are also to ensure that no alcohol is served to individuals under the legal age.

The provision of liquor by a third party or by groups other than University departments will require an ACT liquor license in addition to approval by the University.

Smoke Free Public Places

The organiser is responsible for ensuring compliance with the ACT Smoke-Free Public Places Act 2003 and any subsequent amendments. The object of the Act is to promote public health by minimising the exposure of people to environmental smoke in:

  • Enclosed spaces
  • In outdoor eating or drinking places; and
  • At underage functions.

Either or both individuals and organisers may be subject to penalties if contraventions of the Act are proven. Generally, the organiser of an outdoor eating or drinking event must ensure that ‘no smoking’ signs are prominently displayed at the place of the event. In some cases, and subject to compliance with the conditions outlined in the Act, it may be possible to designate part of a licensed outdoor area of the event as an area in which drinking and smoking is allowed.

Food Hygiene

The organiser is responsible for ensuring appropriate food hygiene is maintained if food is to be provided. Food provided/sold on campus by organisations has to be prepared according to the Food Safety Standards for Australia. There is a web site that covers this matter for charities and community organisations:

Web sites


Approval is required for any event to be staged on campus grounds, for example in Union Court or the Forestry Fire Pit, regardless of the number of staff or students in attendance.

Functions held in Union Court or close proximity to commercial food outlets are NOT permitted to sell food or drinks. However, food or drinks may be provided free of charge to members of the Campus Community at such functions.

Approval is also required for activities at the barbecue areas, where attendance is likely to be 20 or more people. As well as permanently sited BBQs, there are two portable BBQs available for use by University staff and students. Permanent BBQ facilities are located near:

  • Cockroft Building (Bld 58)
  • Innovations Building Courtyard (Bld 124)
  • RG Menzies Library South Lawn(2)
  • Coombs Complex (near Bld 8A)
  • Chancelry Complex (ground floor Bld 10B)
  • Sullivans Creek north of South Oval
  • Birch Building (Bld 35)
  • Between RSISE and CSIT (Blds 115 & 108)
  • Willows Oval (near North Road Tennis Court)*
  • Copland Courtyard
  • Toad Hall (Bld 30)


The approving authority for all private events held on University grounds is the Director, Facilities and Services.

However, in the following areas the Director has delegated responsibility for approving functions to the relevant management officer of the department listed:

  • Gas barbecue between the RSISE and CSIT Buildings. Approval Authority: Business Manager, RSISE
  • Gas barbecue outside the Crisp Rooms. Approval Authority: Manager, Space Services Program (DOI), Copland G037 (
  • Gas Barbecue at Chancelry 10B. Approval Authority: Manager, Business Services, Financial and Business Services
  • Gas barbecue near North Road tennis courts. Approval Authority: Manager, ANU Sport and Recreation Association.

Requests to use these facilities should be made directly to the designated local approving authority. The local approving authority will ensure that any approval complies with the guidelines detailed in this policy and where there are any concerns about the nature of the function, the authority will refer the application to the Director, Facilities and Services for decision. The local approving authority will also ensure that details of any function involving large numbers of staff or students are forwarded to the Manager, Security and Campus Services.

Applicants/groups using external facilities on campus other than those listed above where approval authority has been delegated, are required to complete an "Application to hold a function on the ANU Campus" and forward this application to Facilities and Services at least 14 working days prior to the event for a major event and; at least 7 working days prior to the event for a minor event. Facilities and Services will confirm the availability of the requested amenity on the proposed date and determine if the function is an "appropriate" activity, before approval is given.

In making a decision, the Director, Facilities and Services will assess whether the activity is likely to contravene any legislation, pose a safety threat to individuals or University property or cause offence to any group.

The University reserves the right not to approve applications for functions where food or liquor is sold for profit or sold by an external caterer at a University function, as functions of this type may conflict with industry arrangements of current University suppliers or concession holders.


Any requests to place posters or other promotional material on campus in areas other than those designated for the purpose must be approved by the Director, Facilities and Services. Where the request is related to a function, it should be included on the relevant application form. Where the request is not related to a function, a separate application should be made in writing to the Director, Facilities and Services stating the reason for the placement of the posters, the proposed locations and the arrangements for removing the posters. The organiser is responsible for the removal of posters placed in an unauthorised location. The Director, Facilities and Services, has the discretion to apply a bond of not greater that $1000 to any request for the placement of posters. Where a bond is required it will be paid prior to the placement of posters and the cost of repairing any damage caused by the placement posters in unauthorised locations may be recovered from the bond, prior to refund.

The University may seek financial compensation from any group who, without approval, places posters in an unauthorised location.

The University reserves the right to withhold approval or remove any posters where the subject matter may cause offence to any campus community group.


The public liability insurance taken out by the University generally covers most student and staff related activities held on campus. However, each activity will be assessed to determine if it will be covered and where any doubt exists, the University will seek advice from its insurer. The University reserves the right to request an organisation or individual take out separate public liability insurance for an activity, before approving the event.

Revised 28 February 2011

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