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Facilities and Services Division
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Custodians are nominated by the relevant Head of Research School, Dean of Faculty, Head of Centre or Head of Administrative Division and appointed under the provisions of the University Delegations.  (The delegations identify the Director, Facilities and Services, Executive Director (Administration) or Vice Chancellor as delegates for this purpose.  The Director, Facilities and Services has transferred the delegation to the Associate Director (Business and Site Services) and Associate Director (Buildings and Property).  Requests for appointment of building custodians should be referred to the relevant Facilities and Services officers in the first instance).

In liaison with the Facilities and Services Division they undertake the following tasks:

  1. Act as coordinator of maintenance requests and liaise with University Maintenance, Facilities and Services, to ensure that maintenance is carried out to an agreed standard.

  2. Manage local security and building access arrangements and liaise with ANU Security and Campus Services, Facilities and Service.

  3. Facilitate intra-building moves, furniture removal and storage, as necessary.

  4. Manage bookings for lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, seminar rooms, and common building facilities, in terms of charges determined by the University for building tenants and non-tenant use of facilities.

  5. Monitor cleaning standards and liaise with University Cleaning Coordinator, Facilities and Services.

  6. Monitor and report on grounds maintenance needs for the area in the immediate vicinity of the building, ie to ensure that the external building and grounds in the immediate vicinity are kept in a presentable fashion.

  7. Monitor use of parking space and report trends and/or abuse of parking regulations, etc.  Ensure parking needs of official visitors to the building are met.  Liaise with ANU Security and Parking Office.

  8. Monitor energy use and misuse and take steps to modify tenant/occupant behaviour in order to achieve efficient use of energy.  Liaise with Manager, University Maintenance.

  9. Arrange appointment of Building Wardens and, in conjunction with University Fire and Safety Officer, coordinate building evacuation drills and training.

  10. Ensure the required number of first aid officers are appointed and inform building occupants of these officers.

  11. Liaise with the Green Office, Facilities and Services, regarding waste/recycling and energy conservation issues.

  12. Act in accordance with agreements in Service Level Agreements.    

Warwick WilliamsDirector,

Facilities and Services

5 May 2003