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Campus Planning

Campus-wide planning

Masterplan for the ANU

The aim of a masterplan is to provide an overall vision for future development of the campus. In particular, it defines the major landscape principles of the campus design, as well as potential sites for future development. The most recent documents in this regard were the Development Policy Plan and the Strategic Landscape Plan. These are currently being reviewed, and it is expected a consolidated masterplan will be available online in the second half of 2005. However the broad principles can be summarized as:

  • Retention of the “buildings in a landscape” character of the campus, through protection of the landscape elements.
  • Promotion of the three major “landscape axes”: University Avenue, Sullivans Creek, and the Acton Ridge Axis. (The latter is partly in place, and comprises a landscaped path running from the Acton Peninsula to South Oval, as far as the Creek.)
  • Promotion of the “precinct” model (as indicated on the campus map) whereby the different characters of each precinct are reinforced through landscaping and building style, and “hubs” of activity are developed within each precinct.
  • Integration of the Acton campus with Canberra City, through the development of City West (see below).
  • Encouragement of walking and cycling as ways of moving to and across the campus, through the further development of dedicated paths.
  • Relocation of the bulk of car parking, from central surface carparks, to peripheral multi-level carparks, to assist in preserving the landscape character of the

Capital Management Plan

The Capital Management Plan is developed in consultation with the University community and covers a 10 year period. The Plan is divided into two section: long range planning (10 years) and medium term planning (3 years and linked to the University’s triennial budget). The Plan covers two areas: Maintenance (including backlog and preventive maintenance) and Capital Works (including new works and refurbishments). It is the principal document in managing the funding, planning, design and construction of the University’s capital works program.

Development of City West: Integrating ANU and the City

In 2005 The Australian National University and the ACT Government signed an agreement whereby the University was granted development rights for the land between the University’s eastern boundary and Marcus Clarke Street. This City West area will focus on sustainable urban development, building on social, economic and cultural opportunities that the University and City can provide.

Developments will include student residential accommodation, University research “incubator” facilities, and retail and services activities associated with the University. In particular, the University will build upon the presence of the Schools of Art and Music, as well as numerous existing galleries and performance spaces, to create a vibrant arts precinct.

Planning oversight and consultative mechanisms

National Capital Authority

The Acton campus of the ANU is designated land, meaning that it falls under the planning control of the National Capital Authority. All proposals for new building works and major landscaping works require the approval of the NCA.

Campus Planning and Development Committee

The Campus Planning and Development Committee makes recommendations to Council, through the Finance Committee, on: policies relating to planning and development of the University’s campuses; and resources required for development and maintenance.

Campus Advisory Sub-Committee

The Campus Advisory Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of the Campus Planning and Development Committee, with general terms of reference to advise on the effective use of the campus and on the facilities provided.

Transport Reference Group

The Transport Reference Group's terms of reference cover parking, traffic, public transport and parking fees. The group makes recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor or other committees if appropriate.

Cyclists Reference Group

The Cyclists Reference Group is a University-wide forum for recommending cycling infrastructure for ANU campuses.

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