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Policy Governing The Management Of Lost Property Handed To ANU Security


The policy details the procedure to be followed in the recording of lost property handed into ANU Security, claiming of lost property and the subsequent disposal of unclaimed property.


The policy applies to lost property received by ANU Security. The policy does not apply generally to other areas of University operations, such as the Library, University Union or Students Association.


1. Recording of lost property

All lost property handed into to ANU Security will be registered in the Loss and Found Property database maintained by that Section. As part of this process the property will be given a registration number and a tag identifying this number will be placed on the item. The property will then be stored in the lost property locker located in the John Yencken Building. This room will be locked at all times and access will be restricted to ANU Security staff

2. Claiming of lost property

When a claim is made for lost property, the claimant will be asked to provide evidence of ownership. If there is no clear cut evidence available, the claimant will be asked to describe the item. In this circumstance, the decision to release the property will be made by the relevant ANU Security Officer. However, where he/she has any concerns about the right of the claimant to the property, the matter will be referred to the Manager, Security and Campus Services for decision. In claiming the lost property, the claimant must present photographic identification (eg. driver's licence). The claimant will sign a release form acknowledging return of the lost property and ANU Security will record the transaction in the Lost and Found Property database.

3. Disposal of lost property

Lost property will be held for 3 months. At the end of that period, the unclaimed property will normally be destroyed, recycled or sent to public auction. The proceeds are then donated to a charity approved by the Director, Facilities and Services. In transferring the funds to this charity, ANU Security will ensure a receipt is received and will amend the Lost and Found Property database to record the disposal of the property.

Director, Facilities & Services
4 June 2008

2000 02704
FS Policy 14