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Policy On Contractor Induction


FILE NUMBER: 20000.2704

1. AIM

This policy defines the induction requirements for Project Managers and Contractors employed on campuses of The Australian National University.


The policy applies to all Project Managers, Contractors and others appointed by Facilities and Services to provide services to the University. This includes maintenance, capital works, minor works, grounds and general service contractors (eg. cleaning and waste/recycling contractors). The policy defines the induction process and the responsibilities of individual Divisional officers.
This policy does not overrule any relevant ACT and Commonwealth policies and legislation that may apply to projects and work conducted on campus.


3.1 Induction Workshop

Supervisory staff for all organisations (as detailed in Section 2 - referred to as Project Managers or contractors for the remainder of this policy) employed by Facilities and Services to provide services on campuses of the University will complete the Contractor Induction Program. This program is coordinated by the Manager, University Maintenance and includes the scheduling of a minimum of one induction workshop per annum, at which all new contractors will be represented. The workshop will include a briefing on site policies in respect of the following:

a. Conduct of contract staff when working on the University site

b. OH&S policies

c. Excavation policy

d. Site regulations, including parking requirements and protection of the landscape

e. University Environmental Policy

f. Other related University policies including Equal Opportunity Policy

The contractors will then be issued with a copy of the Induction Handbook and asked to sign a record of attendance at the workshop.

Project Managers and Contractors must have attended the Contractor Induction Program prior to commencing work on campus. However, where a workshop is not scheduled prior to the commencement of the contract, the Manager, University Maintenance will arrange for an individual induction briefing for the contractor. The Project Managers and Contractors will ensure that supervisory staff who will be employed on site, attend the induction workshop. These supervisors will then conduct induction briefing for all contract staff employed by their respective companies to work on campus.

Contractors will not normally be required to attend more than one induction program. However, this is discretionary and the Manager, University Maintenance is authorised to instruct contractors to attend further induction workshops, where he/she believes that it is in the best interests of the University. Contract staff attending the workshop will be issued with a certificate on successful completion of the training. This certificate will be signed by the Director, Facilities and Services or nominee and is valid for three years.

The Manager, University Maintenance will ensure that a database listing the details of contract staff who attend the work shop, is established and maintained.

3.2 Compliance auditing

Day to day compliance with site regulations as detailed in the induction handbook will be monitored by the respective contract manager or project officer. However, a formal compliance audit will be completed at least once per project (or once per annum, as appropriate) by an officer nominated by the Director or his delegate. At the discretion of the Director, the audit may include all contractors on site or simply a representative sample. The auditor will coordinate the audit in conjunction with the Manager, University Maintenance.

3.3 Funding

Manager, University Maintenance will develop a budget for the program, as part of the department's normal annual budget submission. Funding for the program will be sourced from the relevant Project and Section budgets. This budget will include funding for the reproduction of the Induction Handbook.

3.4 Contract arrangements

All contracts or like documentation drafted by Facilities and Services or their agents to cover service arrangements will include a clause compelling contractors to attend a Induction Workshop or briefing, noting that failure to attend may result in the contract arrangement being terminated.

Contactors should also be advised that site induction is part of the process that "qualifies" them to work on campus and consequently they WILL NOT be paid for attendance at the workshop.

3.5 Notification of new contractors

The relevant Section Managers are responsible for advising the Manager, University Maintenance when a new contractor has been employed for work on campus. The Manager, University Maintenance will contact the contractor's representative and schedule an induction brief.

3.6 Induction Handbook

The Manager, University Maintenance is responsible for reviewing the currency of the Contractor Induction Handbook. This review will be completed at least once per annum. The booklet will include reference to the issue date and advice to the reader on notifying the Division about errors of fact in the document. The booklet will be re-issue at least once every three years, regardless of the currency of the contents.

3.7 Attendance Record

Records of attendance will be maintained by the Manager, University Maintenance. These records will be reviewed annually by the Executive Officer to ensure they are accurate and to identify if any current contractors have not completed the induction training. An attendance certificate will be issued at the successful completion of the induction training program

4. Related Documents

a. Site Induction Booklet

b. Policy Number FS7 - Landscape Damage Minimisation

c. Policy Number FS9 - Permission to Excavate

d. ANU Traffic Statute

DATE: 24 April 2001