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Statement Of "Landlord" Responsibilities For Child Care Centres

Reference: Australian National University Council meeting of l4 November 1975 - Paper No 3860/1975

The responsibilities of the ANU in relation to tenants of temporary accommodation on campus which is used for the purposes of the ANU Pre-School and Child Care Centre Inc., the Parents on Campus Child Care Centre Inc., and the Research Students' Association Fami1y Day Care Centre, centre as follows:

  1. To maintain the grounds, including any agreed boundary fencing.
  2. To maintain the external fabric of the buildings.
  3. To maintain essential services (internal and external) to the level required by relevant 1egislation or codes (e.g. Health, Fire, Welfare, etc.).
  4. To set up (i.e. once only) the premises for occupation to a standard agreed between the University and the tenant.
  5. To provide one PABX extension, barred to 0, and in addition install and pay annual rental (but not calls) for a direct exchange line.
The tenant will be responsible for any costs or charges beyond the provisions listed l to 5 above, including electricity, heating and or fuel, internal maintenance (including painting), any alterations (eg. small works, conversions, additional power points, water outlets, windows or doors), and furniture and furnishings Tenant may request the University to assist with structural alterations and each request will be 'considered on its merits. University approval must be obtained before any structural alterations are undertaken, or before agreement is notified to any external organisation that structural alterations will be undertaken.