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Approval for Alterations to Buildings

Excerpt from Council Minutes, 14 Nov 1989

Council at its meeting on Friday 14 November 1989 resolved that:

(1) Prior or historical occupancy of space by any person, or for any function, does not constitute a basis for a claim for continued occupancy by that person or for that function, should the University have another purpose of greater priority;

(2) There is no set standard of accommodation of associated facilities (e.g. laboratory space) associated with the holding of any particular position or office in the University: space is made available in relation to functional requirements and should those requirements change, maybe added to or withdrawn;

(3) Disposition of space is at the Vice-Chancellor's discretion. The Vice-Chancellor may delegate that authority to particular persons in respect of particular areas; but may override the authority so delegated if a particular University need is perceived;

(4) No officer of the University has authority to determine the use of space without a delegation as described in (3) above.

In a letter dated 14 January, 1987, the Vice-Chancellor delegated his "....authority in respect of the buildings of The Faculties no further than to the Chairman, Board of The Faculties...."

The letter further states that "...neither Deans nor Heads of Departments have authority to commission alterations to the fabric of buildings or to services, other than with the agreement of the Head, Buildings and Grounds" [now Director, Facilities and Services]