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Recently questions have been raised about the University’s policy on charging for University facilities, eg lecture theatres.

There has been a long-standing practice that, in general, University areas will not be charged. However, I now wish to re-state the arrangements, as well as covering some additional matters.

This policy relates to charging by Schools, Faculties, Divisions, etc. for use of space such as lecture, seminar rooms as well as associated facilities and amenities, by groups and areas either within the University or external.

In general, areas of the University:

  1. are not permitted to charge other University areas a fee for use of space. However, a small nominal charge may be levied for incidental expenses, (eg. tea, coffee, electricity, use of equipment) up to $20 per day.
    For this purpose, University areas are defined as those funded through the R and F ledgers.
  2. may charge a market/commercial rate for users outside the University. Furthermore, they may also charge discounted rates for cognate groups within or outside the University, eg. the Academies.

All charges are to be approved by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Administration) or his nominated agent.

However there are exceptions to the above:

  1. University Business Units (as defined in the RTB papers) may charge for the use of space for both internal and external users. Again, it is open to these areas to charge a market rate for external users and a discount rate for University users and cognate groups.

Charging by areas should be identified as part of their annual budgets to be approved by Finance Committee.

  1. In addition to buildings/facilities covered by (iii), certain buildings or facilities may be designated as “commercial” in which case charging for the use of the facilities is permitted, eg the Innovations Building.

Charges for these buildings will be reviewed and approved annually by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Administration) or his agent. In these cases there will be:

  • An internal rate for University users;
  • A concessional rate which might apply to cognate areas as above; and
  • A commercial rate generally for external users or for University Business Units
  1. Use of the ANUTECH Building charges are set by ANU Enterprise.

Questions about the operation or interpretation of this policy should be directed to the Director, Facilities and Services.

Chris Burgess
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Administration)
17 July 2001
File: (Charging for Space)