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Policy for Notification of Relocation or Renaming of a University Department


FILE NUMBER: 20000.2704 (Quality Assurance - Policies and Procedures)

1. Aim

The policy outlines the process for notifying Divisional officers of the relocation or renaming of University departments and details the respective responsibilities of those officers.

2. Scope

The policy is limited the actions to be undertaken within the Facilities and Services Division. It does not detail the responsibilities of other University areas or the department being relocated or renamed. Details of those responsibilities are listed in the Tenancy Checklist.

3. Policy

The Planning Office is responsible for ensuring that the following Divisional officers are notified when a University Department is relocated or renamed:

Associate Director (Business and Site Services)
Manager, Security and Campus Services
Manager, Maintenance
Manager, Facilities Operations
Manager, Finance
Manager, Gardens and Grounds
Senior Project Officer, Construction
Facilities Auditor
Electrical Technical Officer
Supervisor, Drawing Office
Cleaning Coordinator
Manager, Client Services Unit
Sign Unit Coordinator

The notification will be in writing and include the details of the department, the details of the new location or rename, the effective date of relocation or name change, details of an appropriate contact officer in the department (ie. the officer coordinating the relocation on behalf of the department) and details of any services that will need to be supplied by the Division to assist in the relocation. The Planning Office will also ensure that the Manager, Finance is advised of the details of any costs associated with relocation or the renaming of departments (eg. removal costs, new signs etc) that will need to be recovered.

Once notification has been received the following managers are required to complete the actions listed:

Associate Director (Business and Site Services)

  1. Make appropriate changes to the Divisional web page (including the campus map)
  2. Amend service level agreements, if required
  3. Amend space audit records
  4. Modify any relevant records in IT support systems, such as Maximo, if required

Manager, Security and Campus Services

  1. Advise Security and Parking staff of the changes
  2. Make appropriate changes to Cardax access, if required
  3. Review authorised parking requirements in both old location and new location

Manager, Maintenance

  1. Advise Zone and other maintenance staff of changes
  2. If departments are relocating to a new zone, arrange for the new Zone Leader to meet with relevant department staff asap

Facilities Auditor

  1. Determine if the relocating area has any items stored in the Acton Tunnel and determine whether storage areas is still required
  2. Review program of planned back log works for the old location and determine if work is still required.

Electrical Technical Officer

  1. After liaising with the relevant managers in the relocating department, make appropriate changes to BMS specifications for the new and old locations.
  2. Advise the Manager, Finance of any changes affecting the recovery of costs for utilities charges

Environment Officer (Recycling & Cleaning)

  1. Liaise with the relevant managers in the relocating department, to arrange appropriate cleaning and waste/recycling services for the new location.
  2. Adjust the cleaning and waste/recycling services to the old location, if required.
  3. Advise the Manager, Finance of any changes affecting the recovery of costs for cleaning and waste services

Supervisor, Drawing Office

  1. Amend any relevant drawing records, if required

Manager, Client Services Unit

  1. Brief Client Services Officers about changes
  2. Amend any relevant hardcopy records detailing area locations or names.

Manager, Finance

  1. Advise relevant area management of the process for recovering any costs including the recovery schedule.

Sign Unit Coordinator

  1. Liaise with relocating area management to review internal and external signage at old and new locations.
  2. Make appropriate changes to hardcopy and freestanding (in the landscape) maps

The Associate Director (Business and Site Services) will also ensure that Divisional location records, including those held by the Finance area and Drawing Office, as well as, the Divisional web page are audited every six months.

The Planning Office will also ensure that appropriate notification of relocation or name change is made to external University areas, in particular, the UP&CO (for notification of the Mail Delivery Contractor), F&BS, HR Division, ITS and CIS.

The Planning Office will also ensure that the Tenancy Checklist is issued to the relevant departmental management staff prior to that department relocating to a new building.

4. Associated Documents