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Disposal Of Trees And Tree Prunings


The policy defines the procedures for disposing of waste wood (including trees and tree prunings) generated through grounds operations conducted on campuses owned by The Australian National University.


The policy applies to waste wood created through the management of trees on campus. The policy only applies to activities conducted by the ANU Gardens and Grounds staff or that Section's approved contractors.


As part of the process of grounds management, ANU Gardens and Grounds Section coordinate the trimming and/or (when required), removal of trees. Where possible the waste wood generated in these activities is mulched for reuse on site. However, the size and sheer volume of this waste sometimes results in an excess of mulch or green timber that cannot be used on campus.

When this occurs, the Manager, Gardens and Grounds will normally determine if other University departments, such as the School of Arts can use the wood. Where these areas indicate that they have no requirement, the Manager is authorised to allow staff or students of the University to take possession of the waste wood for their own use.

While there is no charge for this service, the following rules do apply:

a. The wood is available on a "first come first served" basis and consequently, it will not be reserved.

b. Staff or students must make their own arrangements for collecting the waste wood and transporting it off site.

c. Wood will normally be cut into 300mm-400mm lengths and stacked by the edge of roadside, near the original location of the tree. However, where this presents a potential safety hazard or inconvenience to the campus community, the wood will be transported to the Gardeners Soil Yard on Garran Road. In collecting wood from the kerbside or the Soil Yard, staff and students will avoid parking in a manner that inconveniences other campus users or damages the landscape.

It should be noted that all timber would need to mature for a minimum of 12 months before it is suitable to be used as fire wood and that the University encourages staff and students to consider more environmentally friendly uses for waste wood.

The disposal of wood will be coordinated by the Assistant Manager, Gardens and Grounds, who will be responsible for issuing advice to the University community on the availability of cut timber.

Director, Facilities & Services Division
28 November 2000

2000 02704
FS Policy 15