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Facilities and Services Division
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Policy On The Management Of Posters And Graffiti On Campus

1. AIM

The aim of this policy is to define the process for managing the placement of posters on campus and the removal of graffiti and unauthorised or outdated posters.


The policy details the approval process for the placement of posters on campus, identifies the locations for placement of posters and outlines the process for removing graffiti and unauthorised or out of date posters.


Policy for placement of posters on campus

The University has established a number notice boards and poster boards in various locations around the Acton campus. The major poster boards are located in the foillowing areas:


  • Union Court
  • Corner of the Haydon Allen Building and Hanna Neuman Building.
  • Haydon Allen/Copland Archway
  • Crisp/Copland Archway

The following University groups are entitled to place posters on designated poster or notice boards:


  • University departments
  • Campus based businesses
  • Members of staff
  • Students

There are no restrictions placed on the subject matter covered by these posters, provided they do not promote any illegal activity, contravene any local or federal legislation or are likely to cause offence (for example, by depicting pornographic or objectionable images or containing ethnic slurs). No more than one poster should be placed on each board and all posters should have a termination date within the text (ie: Valid to date)

Removal of posters and graffiti

The Facilities and Services Division is responsible for the removal of posters and graffiti on University property.

Any posters or graffiti located in unauthorised locations will be removed within 24 hours of being reported the Division. The Division will also remove excessive numbers of the same poster, out -of - date posters or any posters that, in its opinion, may cause offence to community groups (such as, posters displaying pornographic or objectionable images or ethnic slurs)

The removal of unauthorised or out - of - date posters will be coordinated by the Manager, Gardens and Grounds, while the removal of graffiti will be coordinated by the Manager, University Maintenance. Both activities will normally be funded from the existing budgets of those Sections. However, where there has been a significant increase in the incidents of unauthorised posters and graffiti and , as a consequence, a substantial increase in associated management costs, the respective Managers will develop a budget proposal clearly identifying any trends on campus and projecting the likely increase in costs to manage the removal of posters or graffiti within the response time specified by this policy.

Managers will ensure that records are maintained detailing the number of incidents of posters or graffiti removed from unauthorised locations on campus. These records will include:


  • Details of the poster and/or graffiti
  • Location
  • Time/date reported
  • Time/date removed
  • Cost of removal

Managers will also ensure that these details are forwarded to Manager, Security and Campus Services for information.

Manager, Gardens and Grounds will ensure that poster boards are routinely checked and out of date or excessive numbers of posters are removed.

Warwick Williams
Director, Facilities and Services
31 January 2001

Policy Number: FS18
File Number: 20000.2704 (QA Policies and Procedures)