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Facilities and Services Division
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Guidelines Numbering of New Buildings

The following guidelines should be applied to the numbering of all new buildings:

  1. Only numbers not previously allocated be used when numbering new buildings, unless otherwise approved by Director or Associate Directors;
  2. Building numbers will not be changed (unless otherwise approved by Director or Associate Directors). Where an extension or link to an existing building is constructed, and it is not appropriate to use a separate number, the existing building number will be used with an alpha identifier (eg. Building 58A)
  3. Numbers will be allocated by the Manager, Business Systems. This officer will liaise with the Finance Manager to ensure that the number is reflected on the Asset Register. The Manager, Business Systems, will also be responsible for advising all relevant Divisional and external staff, once a number has been allocated.

Warwick Williams
Director, Facilities and Services

Policy Number: FS24

File Reference: Property Management Policy; Quality Assurance Issues: 200300020.106