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Max Neutz

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

The Australian National University

GPO Box 4


ACT 2601

Dear Max


You may be aware that the National Capital Plan was approved on the 21 December 1990 and that all works in the Designated Areas now require Works Approval from the National Capital Planning Authority. The Australian National University site is included in a Designated Area.

This situation has been discussed with the Head Building and Grounds Division (Don Hardman) and I have suggested that all applications for Works Approval be referred to the Authority through that Division. This will not only help ensure that all works reflect the intentions of the University Master Plan and maintain the University's high quality character, but also provide a single co-ordination point for the University in it's dealings with the Authority. If you concur, I would appreciate you advising all faculties of this agreed process.

The Australian Capital Territory (planning and land Management) Act 1988 defines works:

(a) the construction, alteration, extension or demolition of buildings or structures;

(b) landscaping;


    1. tree-felling; or

    3. excavations;


The definition does not include maintenance and does not exclude temporary works. As a result, the structures and signs erected for the World Council of Churches Seventh Assembly should have obtained Works Approval. The Authority would have also appreciated the opportunity to have been involved in consideration of the potential carparking and traffic problems for such a major event.

Once a Master Plan is approved and operational then a system of "deemed" approval for works that comply with the Master Plan can be considered. In the meantime however all works proposals must be submitted individually to the Authority for consideration.

Yours Sincerely

Malcolm Smith

Chief Planner

11 March 1991