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Policy On Selection Of Project Managers And Architects

The University wishes to ensure that suitably qualified individuals and organisations are given the opportunity to bid for the University’s facilities management business, eg design of major buildings.  Nevertheless, there are large numbers of project managers and architects potentially available and selection is normally undertaken on selective tenders based on an assessment of the requirements of individual projects.

In September 1996 the University called for expressions of interest from project managers and architects to be considered for commissioning for University works.  As a result of this call for expressions of interest, a considerable amount of material has now been submitted and collated.

When a new project is started, the University initially decides on the method of project delivery.  In recent years, most projects are managed by a separate project manager, commissioned from outside of the University, who, in turn appoints other consultants, including architects. Nevertheless, in all of its arrangements, the University reserves the right to select the appropriate consultant.  It is particularly crucial in terms of the selection of the architect.

In its selection process and in the selective tendering, the University would normally want to achieve some balance between those organisations with which it has had direct experience, and new organisations wanting to be considered for the University’s business.  Most of those invited will have had some experience with the University.  In each case (separately for project managers and architects), depending upon the particular requirements, up to four organisations are invited to make a submission, based on the University’s brief for the project.  The criteria for selection include costs, the particular experience of the organisation involved in the kind of work required, the range of skills available, the University’s judgment about the appreciation by the individual organisation of the particular task to be undertaken and the ability of the individuals to work with the users.  In the case of the architect, the initial decision is also made on the basis of the concept design submitted by the architects.

Normally the project manager is selected first, and then is involved in the selection of the architect.  However, in particular cases the University itself may decide to appoint the architects separately.

(Source:            Note for File No., Warwick Williams, 1/12/97)