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Policy For Cleaning Of Buildings Facades

1. AIM

This policy outlines the process for cleaning the external facades of buildings


The policy covers both the funding and process for arranging cleaning of building facades on campuses owned by the University. The policy also specifies the buildings that are to be given priority when developing a cleaning program.


The public perception of the University is shaped in part by its aesthetic values. As part of the process of maintaining these values, the Facilities and Services Division will establish a fund to cover the cost of cleaning the external facades of high profile buildings.

The fund is set at $20,000 per annum, with this amount being sourced from the Capital Management Plan. The program, to be known as the " Building Facade Cleaning Program", will be managed by the Manager, University Maintenance, who will review the funding annually to ensure that it is sufficient to cover the scheduled cleaning activities.

The Manager, University Maintenance will complete an annual assessment of all buildings to determine which will require cleaning of the external facade. The Manager will then develop a cleaning program within available funds and present this to the Divisional Management Group for approval by no later than March of each year. Note that while the Manager will consider including any building on campus, in the program, the following high profile buildings will be given a higher priority. These buildings are listed in their priority order.


Chancelry 10A, 10B, 10C
Chancelry Annex
Manning Clark Centre
Old Canberra House
School of Music

Note: These buildings have been selected on the basis of their public profile.

The Manager, University Maintenance will coordinate the scheduling of all external cleaning, in conjunction with the relevant area management. He will also ensure that a written record of this cleaning is maintained.

University departments may, from time to time, elect to fund the cleaning of the external facade of their building. Where this occurs, the cleaning is to be coordinated through the Manager, University Maintenance.

The Manager, University Maintenance will liaise with the selected cleaning contractor and ensure that they are briefed on site requirements. Specifically, he will:


  • Brief the contractor on Parking and OH&S regulations.
  • Where an elevated platform is to be used, he will ensure that the contract staff have the appropriate licences to operate this equipment.
  • Where elevated platforms or like equipment are located in parking areas, ensure that warning signs are clearly visible to drivers wishing to park motor vehicles near the cleaning activity
  • Ensure that the contractor has appropriate public liability and consequential damage insurance
  • Notify the Manager, Gardens and Grounds when cleaning of external buildings is scheduled and ensure that the contractor undertakes this activity in manner that will eliminate the risk of damage to the landscape
  • Notify Manager, Security and Campus Services when cleaning of external buildings is scheduled and ensure, where possible, that the activity does not interfere with pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic on campus.


The funding of cleaning the external facades of buildings occupied by trading bodies or University Business Units will be the responsibility of the respective business unit. This includes University House, University Union, ANU Enterprise, Sports Union, Halls of Residence, Liversidge Court Apartments and Brian Lewis Apartments. Further, the funding of cleaning the external facade of the Innovations Building is the responsibility of the University appointed property manager.

If these areas elect to have the external facade of their buildings cleaned, they will ensure that the activity is vetted by the Manager, University Maintenance, who will ensure that it will be conducted in accordance with the requirements laid down in this policy. Alternatively, areas can request that the Manager, University Maintenance coordinate the cleaning activity on their behalf.



Warwick Williams
Director, Facilities and Services
Date: 31 January 2001
Amended: 14 June 2001

Policy Number: FS17
File: 20000. 2704 (QA Policies and Procedures)