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Facilities and Services Division
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THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY POLICY Parking on campus during extended absences  

Except for extenuating circumstances, ANU Parking Permit holders are not permitted to leave vehicles parked on campus during extended absences. This is particularly relevant to residents of Halls and Colleges absent during the summer vacation (December to March).

In the case of residents of Halls and Colleges, permission may be granted, on written application to the Director, Facilities and Services, provided the following criteria are met:

  1. Evidence must be produced that the Head/Master or Dean of the Hall or College has approved the arrangement.
  2. The owner of the vehicle was a resident during the past student year, has reapplied for residency in the following year and that application has been accepted.
  3. The parking fee for the period of absence has been paid in advance.
  4. The vehicle is parked in a designated ‘Residents Only’ parking space or reserved bay in a multi story parking station with a valid University parking permit displayed on the vehicle. In addition to the University parking permit, the vehicle must also have on display a current label issued by the Hall or College to identify the vehicle as a resident’s vehicle.
  5. The owner must provide the Parking Office or the Head of Hall’s office with a contact name, address and phone number for use in emergency situations or when the vehicle has to be moved in the owner’s absence.
  6. The owner of the vehicle indemnifies the University from loss or damage to the vehicle.
  7. The owner of the vehicle authorises the University to remove the vehicle from the site if it is left in the carpark beyond the agreed period
  8. The owner of the vehicle.
Local arrangements may also be made with area managers for vehicles to be parked within their compounds if the absence is work related and alternative off-campus parking is not possible.

ANU Security will also provide advice and assistance in relation to official absences where a permit holder is unable to make alternative parking arrangements.

Warwick Williams
Director, Facilities and Services
5 June 2008