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Parking on campus is controlled under the provisions of the Australian National University's Parking and Traffic Statute.  

The administration and management of parking on campus is vested with the Parking Office within the Facilities and Services Division and includes the issuance and control of parking permits, maintenance of parking facilities and enforcement of the Statute. Permits are issued after approval to many categories of campus users, eg. students (both undergraduate and post-graduate), staff and approved visitors, including contractors. This document sets out the policy and procedures relating to the administration and management of parking issues specific to contractors.  


The Parking Office administers parking approvals to contractors according to a number of procedures that have developed over time and that aim to meet the needs of service access and project construction whilst protecting the campus landscape. 


There are two main categories of contractors based upon parking needs. 

1) Period Contractors (long or short term) that provide services to the University community for example: 

  • Office equipment services
  • Mail services
  • Building maintenance services – plumbing, electrical, IT etc.
Period Contractors should have a vehicle suitably identified with their corporate logo and obtain a contractor permit from the Parking Office that must be clearly visible in the vehicle. 

The Period Contractor need can also be identified as requiring access to major portions or all of the campus and access between campus locations.  

Period Contractors using unmarked vehicles should make application to the Parking Office for the issue of a period contractor permit. 

2) Project Contractors have parking requirement that arises from a building project being undertaken on campus. Projects may be new building construction or the refurbishment of an existing structure and landscape projects. 

Typically the Project Contractor's need is for parking (often longer term) in the vicinity of the project. Attachment A establishes procedures to be followed in relation to the establishment of dedicated project parking areas 

Parking Approval  

The Parking Office issues Contractors with a permit after receipt of an application for a permit that lists all details of the company and the duty they will undertake on campus. Where necessary a meeting with the Contractor, the Period Contract Manager, Project Coordinator and user group will occur so as to identify specific parking requirements and to inform all parties. 

In all cases Contractors are required to abide by the University policy for protection of the campus landscape and with due concern for other campus users. Contractors must abide by all reasonable instructions issued by an authorised officer of the University. 

Project Contractors must only park in the approved construction zone set-aside for the duration of the project. Often these zones will create a temporary loss of space for staff and students therefore Contractors should be sensitive to their surroundings and other campus users.  

Period Contractors may use loading zones for the purpose of loading and unloading unless a traffic obstruction will result. Contractors must not park near yellow edge lines unless they are within the bounds of a defined construction zone. 

ANU authorised parking areas are not to be used unless approved by the Parking Office. 

Parking on the landscape is expressly forbidden unless the Grounds Manager and the Manager Security and Campus Services have given joint approval. 

Contractor permits are provided at no charge. 

Should further clarification be required please contact the Parking Office. 

Facilities & Services 


Project Parking Area Establishment Procedures

The following sets out procedures to be followed in relation to the establishment of dedicated project parking areas: 

  1. Site establishment plans including parking areas for contractor's vehicles shall be submitted to the relevant Project Coordinator for approval.

  2. Before the site establishment plan is approved, the Project Coordinator will liaise with and gain approval from: the Manager, Security and Campus Services, the Manager, Gardens and Grounds, the Manager, University Maintenance, and other stakeholders in the area.

  3. On approval of the site establishment plan, the Project Coordinator shall advise the stakeholders of the arrangements and reinforce the point that the parking area nominated shall be for the exclusive use of contractors.

  4. The Project Manager/Head Contractor shall establish a clearly delineated carparking area as part of the site establishment works, in accordance with the approved site establishment plan.

  5. The Project Manager/Head Contractor shall provide a list of all vehicles requiring permits to the Project Coordinator for approval. The list shall include such information as vehicle registration numbers, name of driver, duties of driver, etc.

  6. The Project Coordinator shall arrange the issue of "Contractor Parking Permits" with the Parking Office and issue these to the Project Manager/Head Contractor. Project Contractor vehicles shall display a contractor permit issued by the Parking Office.

  7. The Project Manager/Head Contractor shall include instruction regarding the parking arrangements during the site induction meetings highlighting the fact that contractors must park only in the designated area/s, otherwise they may incur parking infringement notices at their own expense.

  8. The Project Manager/head Contractor shall maintain the parking area and ensure that the fencing and landscape protection measures are kept in good order.  
  29 May 2008