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Motorcycle Parking Policy


This document defines the policy applied by The Australian National University in managing parking of motorcycles on campus.


The policy applies to all motor cycles parked on the Acton, Fenner and Mt Stromlo campuses. The policy covers the design and location of parking spaces for motorcycles and the applicability of campus parking regulations, including the use of ANU parking permits.


Motor cycling parking on campus

The Australian National University provides parking areas for staff, students and visitors to campus. The majority of this parking is designated for use by motorists using motor cars. However, some areas have been specifically set aside for motor cycles. These areas will be clearly identified and where motorcyclists park their vehicle in the designated area, they are not required to display an ANU Parking Permit.

Motorcyclists are entitled to park their motorcycle in a spot designated for use by motor cars. Where they choose to do this, they must park in accordance with the regulations detailed in the ANU Parking Statute and display a current parking permit valid for the parking area.

Motorcyclists are entitled to purchase reserved parking space in the multi -storey carparks, but again must comply with the parking regulations and display the relevant permits.

Motor cyclists should include vehicle registration details in their permit application and when they change over motor cycles. However, where this occurs, the permit can only be used on that motorcycle. Where a parking permit for motorcycles is lost or stolen, a replacement can be provided. A replacement charge, in line with the provision of the ANU Parking Statute applies.

Generally, permits for motorcycles will be costed at the prevailing permit rate for all motor vehicles. The only differential in pricing will be related to the category of permit purchased (that is, whether a staff or student permit is purchased).

Design and location of motorcycle parking areas

In respect of the design and location of parking space, the University undertakes to review the parking requirements of motorcyclists when planning new parking areas. The University will not apply a formula for the allocation of space, but generally will ensure there is sufficient space to allow motorcycles to park parallel to each other. Again, while not guaranteeing that cover will be provided for all designated motorcycle parking areas, the University will where practical and within budget guidelines construct a shelter over new motorcycle parking areas.

The University will also undertake to ensure that all campus roads and road markings are designed to minimise risks to motorcyclists. This includes the use of reflective paints and minimising the use markings on the bends of roads. Motorcyclists are required to comply with the campus speed limits and ACT traffic regulations, such as the use of helmets, when riding on campus.

Motor Cyclist Reference Group

The University has established a motorcyclist reference group to be chaired by the Director, Facilities and Services or nominee. This group will have no formal authority to make policy, but rather, will act as a mechanism for providing feedback on issues related to motorcyclists' requirements on campus. The group will meet as appropriate and will have the following ex officio members:

- Director, Facilities and Services or nominee
- Manager, Security and Campus Services
- Senior Planning Officer
- Manager, Gardens and Grounds

The remaining membership will consist of any staff member or student who commutes to campus using a motorcycle.
Two months prior to each meeting, the Chair will circulate a message to all staff and students advising them of the date of the meeting and requesting items for the agenda. The message will also advise that any staff member or student may attend the meeting. The Chair will ensure that Minutes of the meeting will be taken and published on the Facilities and Services website.

Where appropriate, the Director, Facilities and Services will refer issues raised by this Group or any other relevant issue related to motorcycle parking on campus to the Transport Reference Group for discussion.


Facilities and Services or nominee
¨ Authorise changes to Motorcycle Parking Policy
¨ Chair, Motor Cycle Reference Group (MCR)
¨ Authorise publication of Minutes of MCR on Facilities and Services Website
¨ Refer relevant issues to the PRG for discussion

Security and Campus Services

¨ Review designs for new parking areas to ensure suitable provisions are made for motorcycle parking

Parking Administration

¨ Issue parking permits to eligible motorcyclists as requested, ensuring the permit includes details of motor vehicle registration



This policy should be read in conjunction with the following related policies

¨ ANU Parking & Traffic Statute (No.2) 2007
¨ ACT Traffic Act

Facilities & Services

29 May 2008

2000 02074
FS Policy 13