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ANU Security Telephone Voice Prompts

The ANU Security telephone number uses a voice prompt system to help manage the large number of calls to the office.

The highest priority is identifying emergency telephone calls. Consequently, the first instruction a caller receives after dialing 52249 is “Press 1 if you have an emergency”. If you are in imminent or personal danger you do not have to wait for all the spoken directions – you can press 1 immediately. This allows the security office to identify your call as an emergency and put other calls on hold.

We ask for your cooperation in not pressing 1 unless the above circumstances apply.

  • Press 2 for all other general security enquiries.

You are reminded all building access change requests require formal notification through an email to or a fax to 612 58892.

For additional information on the ANU telephone system see the telephone services website.

Remember - if you have an emergency dial 52249 and press 1 as soon as you hear the voice prompts.

Should the connection not be made quickly you can also dial 0-000 from an ANU telephone to connect to Canberra emergency services