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Facilities and Services Division
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SLA Annex K: Exclusions—Scientific and Teaching Equipment for Research and Teaching Laboratories

For the most part, this scientific and teaching equipment can be clearly identified. However, as part of the establishment of this Agreement, the parties, in consultation, will identify any areas where the maintenance responsibility is not clear and an appropriate maintenance agreement will be negotiated within six months of the signing of this agreement. These arrangements, agreed between the two parties, will be attached to this Annex.

The Facilities and Services Division will provide, through the Capital Management Plan, capital funds for basic scientific and teaching equipment requirements in research and teaching laboratories such as glasshouses, constant temperature rooms, animal breeding houses, etc.

A. Facilities and Services will be responsible for the provision of:

1. Capital Funding (subject to available limits)

1.1 Primary Structure

1.1.1 Building and fabric

1.2 Base Primary Systems

1.2.1 Building Heating

1.2.2 Building Cooling

1.2.3 Domestic Hot Water

1.2.4 Electricity

1.2.5 Lighting

1.2.6 Fire Systems

1.2.7 Lifts

1.2.8 Telephone

1.2.9 CARDAX

1.2.10 CCTV

1.2.11 Information technology

1.2.12 Link to Facilities and Services BMS

1.3 Infrastructure

1.3.1 Sewerage

1.3.2 Stormwater

1.3.3 Water

1.3.4 Natural Gas

1.3.5 Basic landscape

2. Fund Ongoing Maintenance to Those Primary Items and Systems

B. The client will be responsible for the provision of:

  1. Specific scientific/teaching equipment
  2. Specific scientific/teaching fixtures
  3. Specific scientific/teaching fittings
  4. Maintenance of all the above and including refrigeration/cooling (and heating) systems for laboratory process or equipment, cold rooms and constant temperature rooms.

C. Commercial activities

The Division will operate in terms of A above and an agreed rent will be paid to the University in accordance with the policy on Outside Organisations on Campus

The client will consult with F&S about the purchase of major equipment where this equipment is likely to have implications for the building and the building management systems, such as electricity supply and heating/cooling.