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Facilities and Services Division
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Contracts & Tenders 

Current tenders

There are no current tenders.

Procurement Policy

All contracts and tenders undertaken in relation to University Facilities must have regard to University Procurement Policy.  A summar of the procurement policy can be found at:

Probity Plan and Checklist

Please note that where the purchase / tender / contract is greater than $20 million over the life of the contract or there is a conflict of interest a full risk assessment is to be undertaken and regard had, to the appointment of a proity adviser.  Further details can be found at:

Period and site contracts

Facilities and Services manage period and site contracts for a number of services which include maintaining, testing and managing specific classes of equipment across the ANU Campus. A listing of these contracts can be viewed here.

Indicative Project Management Agreement

Capital projects managed by a project manager use a contract based on this indicative project management agreement.

Handover Inspection Checklist

This checklist is to be used when control of a new building or capital project is handed over from the contracted project manager to the University.