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The Australian National University
Facilities and Services Division
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Role & Responsibilities

What we do

Facilities and Services aims to provide a physical environment that supports ANU's teaching and research goals through comprehensive facilities management.

Our broad role is to maintain and enhance the University's buildings and grounds in a number of locations across Australia including the Acton Campus, Kioloa, Siding Spring and the Northern Australian Research Unit at Darwin.

We are responsible for managing the University's facilities (buildings, grounds and infrastructure) to the relevant Australian Standards / Regulations, within allocated funding. We are also responsible for establishing a safe study and working environment for students and staff.

We do this through providing a range of:
• maintenance services including
• statutory maintenance e.g. fire systems, corrective maintenance e.g. leaking roofs and preventative maintenance e.g. routine services for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting
• University’s roads, footpaths, car parks, grounds and gardens;
• Signage e.g. traffic signage, directional signage, information signage, etc
• Electrical tagging and testing e.g. laboratory equipment, office equipment, appliances, etc
• campus-wide services, including parking, security, unisafe, environment and sustainable energy programs to reduce the University’s environmental impact, and coordination of cleaning and waste management.

We also:
• manage capital and small works relating to the construction and renovation / refurbishment of new and existing buildings;
• supply a variety of Mechanical and Electrical consultancy services for the University;
• identify, assess and conserve University buildings and other items that have cultural heritage value; and
• deliver a range of building and site drawing services including the management of University building plans and drawings.

Service Level Agreements

The Facilities and Services Division has established Service Level Agreements to cover the ongoing services provided by the Division. These agreements contain general conditions governing the service arrangement. Annex B of the agreement details of service responsibilities of the Division and the client area's obligations. Annex K of the agreement provides information about the responsibilities for Scientific and Teaching Equipment for Research and Teaching Laboratories.

What we don't do

Teaching and technical equipment support for the Faculties, Libraries, Centres and Areas is provided by the Division of Information (DOI) Space Services Program.

Maintenance of specific teaching and scientific equipment is generally the responsibility of the school, centre, or area concerned.